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The first and only Jonas Brothers Lims
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The Jonas Brothers
Sign Up Entries

- To participate you must sign up. You can find the link for the current sign up post in the userinfo and sidebar.
- Once the first challenge entry post is closed you may no longer sign up.
- Follow the form when signing up and include the phrase 'The Jobros are love' (just to make sure you´ve read the rules.
- It´s important that you join/friend the community to keep up with the game.

- Submit icon must fit LJ standarts - no more than 100x100, or 40kb, and must be .jpeg .gif or .png.
- Only one entry per participant.
- When submiting your entry please post the icon AND the icon link.
- Entries must but original, that means you have to make the icon specially for the challenge and cannot copy tutorials completely.
- No animation.
- Keep the icons anonymus till the results of the week.

Skips Voting


- If you do not post an icon by the deadline a skip will be used for you, if you don´t have any skips left you´ll be disqualified.
- When you sign up you receive a skip.
- To get skips you have to pimp the community.
- The max number of skips you can get is 3.

- Use the form to vote.
- Vote must be based on the quality of the icon not your personal taste.
- Votes are weighted so make sure to vote in order.
- Example :

least favorite in order
21: the image looks too blurry
03: the cropping doesn´t fit the image
17: too strong colouring

08: very creative and great colouring

- Icon #21 will get -5 points, icon #03 will get -3 points and icon #17 will get less -1 point. Icon #08 was voted for favourite icon so it will receive + 5 points.
- If an icon receives both favourite and negative votes they will cancel out.

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